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Kathy McHugh

Kathy McHugh attended Ithaca College. It was during that time that she was first introduced to the Suzuki method and began her training with Sandy Reuning.

After receiving her Bachelor of Music degree, Kathy continued her studies with Sandy Reuning and began teaching for Ithaca Talent Education. She had additional teacher training with Teri Einfeldt, Linda Fiore, Mark Bjork and participated in teachers’ workshops with Dr. Suzuki.

A family move created an opportunity for Kathy to establish her own studio and bring Suzuki method violin and viola instruction to Morristown, NJ. During her 10 years in Morristown, Kathy taught many students, began a string program in a private school, founded a training orchestra for area students, taught strings in the local public schools, and was an active freelance performer.

In 1988, Kathy returned to ITE as a full-time faculty member. She accepted a position as strings instructor in the Lansing Central School district in 1993. Currently Kathy is the Lansing Middle School library media specialist and teaches violin, viola, and the Paganini repertory class part-time for ITE. She is on the faculty of the Ithaca College Suzuki Institute and has been a guest clinician at many workshops.

Teaching music for Kathy is a treat. It is lots of fun and doesn’t feel like work. “I love teaching and am fortunate to work with so many wonderful students, families, and colleagues. I have been teaching using the Suzuki method for over 30 years and hope that I can continue for another 30!”

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