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Our School

The Ithaca Talent Education School, directed by Carrie Reuning- Hummel, is located in the beautiful Finger Lakes area of New York State. ITE offers instruction in the Suzuki Method for violin, viola, and cello.  A full curriculum of musical activities includes private lessons, group repertory classes, advanced tour groups, and orchestras.  Monthly recitals, coaching with piano, ensemble concerts, and performances in the community complete the offerings of the school.  Tuition includes all activities of the school, and classes are geared to satisfy the needs of each level of advancement.

At our school the parent is intimately involved with the education of the child.  Children may begin study as early as three years of age, with the parent assuming the role of “home teacher”, practicing at home with the student and attending every lesson.  Learning begins with listening to a CD of pieces to be studied, careful attention to posture and form, and careful repetition of skills.  The Suzuki Method builds a repertoire of graded material to be memorized and ready for performance for family, friends, or a more formal audience. We believe, together with Dr. Suzuki, that “every child can be educated to a high potential”.

Our students range from the tiny “Twinkle” child to the advanced artistic student.  Our purpose is not to guide students toward a musical career, however many have graduated to attend the best schools of music in the country and have become professional performers and teachers. Our advanced students have participated over the years in tours to Israel, Japan, Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark, and Mexico stimulating an interest in learning about other cultures and sharing our music with many wonderful people.

We have a close connection with the School of Music at Ithaca College.  Our school building is adjacent to the college campus, and serves as a site for graduate students to observe and begin their teaching experience.  Our director, Carrie Reuning- Hummel, teaches the pedagogy class and coordinates the Master’s degree program in Suzuki Pedagogy. Ithaca Talent Education and Ithaca College jointly sponsor the highly popular Ithaca Suzuki Institute which is in session late June into July since 1974, attracting students from most U.S. states as well as many foreign countries.

Ithaca Talent Education School
-- Mission Statement --

Ithaca Talent Education is a private music school dedicated to the ideals and philosophy of Shinichi Suzuki, the great Japanese educator. Talent, or human potential, is inborn in every child and must be nurtured by love and careful education in order to grow to full potential. We believe in our responsibility to further this education of children and to help them learn to enjoy what is pure, noble, and beautiful in life. Music, as an expression of these human ideals, is an art worthy of a lifetime of study, and our work is only a beginning.

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