ITE Policies




  • Tuition is due at the beginning of each quarter: Starting weeks in September, November, late-Jan/early-Feb, and April.

  • No rebates of tuition will be given except for extended illness or move from the area.




  • Makeups will only be given when a lesson is missed by the teacher.

  • No makeups will be given for lessons missed by the student. The tuition is handled as with any private school, where a day missed is not reimbursed. Please do not attend a lesson while ill. At the teacher’s discretion, a makeup could occur if there is another cancellation.


Snow Days: 


  • When public schools are cancelled, ITE might still be open. Often snow has been cleared by the time lessons are scheduled. 

  • First: check our website home page. If we are closed, the announcement will be posted there.  

  • If ITE is not closed, expect contact from your teacher to let you know if they will personally be teaching.

  • If they are teaching, there will be no make-up lesson or credit issued. If ITE is closed, the lesson will be made up by the teacher. (or credited, if necessary). 

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